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Nature never sounded so good


"I am very pleased with your program. It is just what I have been looking for on the net for ages. There is nothing approaching the high quality your product offers out there. Congratulations on a highly pleasing program"

John Quinn



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These samples represent a fraction of the inbuilt soundscapes of Atmosphere Deluxe, plus you can create an unlimited amount of your own soundscapes using your favorite sounds. All the sounds that comprise these soundscapes can be turned on or off and adjusted as you wish within Atmosphere Deluxe.

Please note that these samples have been reduced in quality for the web. Click the play button to hear a sample of each soundscape.

View the complete soundscape list


Forest Campfire   Forest Campfire
Thunder and lightning   Severe Thunderstorm
Woodland birds   Woodland Birds
Woodland birds   Windchimes
Autumn fall winds   Autumn Winds
Mountain meadow   Mountain Meadow
Tropical shore   Tropical Shore
Forest stream   Forest Stream
Rainy day   Rainy Day
Rainforest   Rainforest.

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