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"I am very pleased with your program. It is just what I have been looking for on the net for ages. There is nothing approaching the high quality your product offers out there. Congratulations on a highly pleasing program"

John Quinn


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The following soundscapes come built-in to Atmosphere Deluxe. You can also create an infinte number of your own soundscapes. If you choose to purchase Atmosphere Deluxe you will receive unlimited access to the deluxe users area of our website where you may download expansion scenarios and share scenarios you have created. We also have extra sounds, slideshows and panoramic images available for download.

Inbuilt Scenario List

Approaching thunderstorm
Autumn breeze
Coastal sunset
Country meadow
Country stables
Dawn chorus
Desert winds
English summer
Evening loons
Forest brook
Forest downpour
Forest night
Forest stream
Gentle ocean
Gentle winds
Heavy rain and wind
Indian rainforest
Just birds
Lake at dusk
Lily pond
Log cabin
Morning mists
Mountain stream
Mountain sunset
Ocean night
Ocean whales
Quiet night
Park lake
Rainy day
Rainy drive
Rustic farmyard
Severe thunderstorm
Spanish afternoon
Snowy day
Stormy coast
Summer breeze
Summer meadow
Summer fountain
Summer showers
Summer rains
Tranquil ocean
Train cabin
Tropical beach
Tropical breeze
Tropical waterfall
Windy mountain
Wolf creek
Woodland afternoon
Woodland camp
Woodland evening
Woodland stream

Tropical Beach
Forest Stream
Autumn Fall Colors
Mountain Meadow
Woodland Birds


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