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If you have purchased Atmosphere Deluxe within the last 12 months, you are eligible for a free upgrade to version 7. Please drop us a quick email requesting a new key with your original Order ID, or the name and email you purchased with. If it is more than 12 months since you purchased Atmosphere Deluxe, you can upgrade to v7 for $14.95 using the link below. Please be patient after upgrading while we verify your original order.

Upgrade to V7
Version 7 additional resources area



You can now choose to have the soundscape evolve over time, just like in the natural world. If you choose to enable this feature, your summer meadow scenario may evolve into a gentle rainshower and back again, or perhaps into a summer thunderstorm. You can choose the likelyhood of the weather changing, and the severity of the weather effect and leave the soundscape running and Atmosphere Deluxe will randomize the weather according to your settings and adjust the soundscape gradually over time, just like real world weather.


You can now choose to have a daytime based soundscape evolve gradually into an evening and night based soundscape. You can choose to have the change happen over a few minutes or alternatively very gradually just like you were sitting outside listening to the sounds of the real world.


We have made significant improvements to many of the sounds to give a more authentic and varied overall effect.


We have included a sound library containing over 100 extra sounds with the installation which can be loaded into the custom panels and used along with the built-in sounds. Over the coming weeks and months we shall be adding many more sounds to this area for you to download and add to your sound library. Our aim is to is to provide you with a large and wide variety of sounds for you to create your own scenarios with.


As part of our aim to bring users together and share their created scenarios we have added a scenario import and export feature.

The importer allows you to install any downloaded scenario with one click.

The exporter will package any scenario you have created - even if you have included your own sounds, and make it ready to share with other users. There is also a scenario upload tool which will upload your packaged scenario to us so we may add it to this area for other users to download.


We have included many of the existing expansion scenarios in the installation as well as adding several completely new scenarios


We have completely redesigned the brainwave feature to allow much more control over the individual frequencies. As well as selecting from several predefined sessions, You can now configure your own brainwave sessions with transitions from one frequency range to another and adjust time and pitch parameters.


Although the majority of the interface remains the same, we have made various minor changes to make using the program more intuitive and enjoyable.