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We accept all major credit / debit cards as well as Paypal, Cheque and Bank Transfer. You can also choose to pay via Phone or Fax should you prefer. After clicking the appropriate 'Buy Now' button below you will have the option to choose your preferred payment method and currency.


Purchase Soundmasker ( Deluxe Edition )

Please choose from the licensing options below. If you are not planning to use the software for commercial purposes, please choose from the standard. license options below ( Individuals may install the software on an office PC providing you are the sole user of that PC ).

If you are a manager planning to install the software in your place of work ( for example on several PCs in a department ) or to create commercial CDs or audio files for commercial distribution / clients, please select the commercial license option below. The commercial license allows use on up to 15 machines. Please contact us for further information if you wish to use the software on more than 15 PCs.

Please note: Our payment providers automatically add a 'Registration Backup Service' to the order for a small charge. However, we provide this service to you free of charge so you may delete the 'Registration Backup Service' on the payment screen by clicking the Trashbin icon and you will not be charged for this.

Paypal: If you would prefer to pay via Paypal, please drop us an email at support@vectormediasoftware.com and we will send you an invoice very shortly afterwards. Please include the product name and license you would like to purchase

Soundmasker Deluxe - Single PC License




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Soundmasker Deluxe - Multi PC License




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Soundmasker Deluxe - Commercial License




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