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"I am very pleased with your program. It is just what I have been looking for on the net for ages. There is nothing approaching the high quality your product offers out there. Congratulations on a highly pleasing program"

John Quinn





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What is Tinnitus Masker Pro and how can white noise masking help me with my t

Tinnitus Masker Pro generates various types of noise specifically designed to help mask your tinnitus.

Tinnitus Masker Pro is extremely easy to use and get to grips with, yet versatile enough to effectively mask most types of tinnitus. You can playback the sounds in realtime for on the spot masking or alternatively record the output to a Wav or MP3 file, ready to be burned to CD or transfered to portable device. Why spend money purchasing white noise masking CDs or MP3s when you can create your own, exactly to your requirements!

If you are a healthcare professional planning to use the software in your place of work or to create commercial CDs or audio files for patients/clients, we also have a commercial license option available.

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  Both versions of Tinnitus Masker are compatible with both the 32bit and the 64bit versions of Windows 7

Creat Noise Masking CDs or MP3s

   Create your own tinnitus noise masking CDs and MP3s

User PC speakers or Headphones

   Realtime playback through speakers or headphones

Transfer your recordings to MP3 player to listen to anywhere.

   Transfer your recordings to MP3 player to listen to anywhere

Record to Wav or MP3

   Record to Wav or MP3 format
   No sound editing experience required


There are four banks of sounds included and there is no limit on the amount of sounds you can have playing together. Each sounds volume can be individually controlled, as can its frequency and balance, so you may choose to pan one sound ( or a combination of sounds ) to one ear, and another sound ( or a combination of sounds ) to the other ear to acheive the ideal masking effect for you. You can save an unlimited amount of sound configurations, which can then be recalled with one click at any time in the future .

If you choose to purchase ( deluxe version only ) you will receive access to the registered users area where you may download many extra sounds for use within Tinnitus Masker Deluxe. We currently have over 40 additional sounds available. Your access to the registered users area is unlimited and does not expire. You can also import your own sounds in Wav, MP3, or Ogg format and mix them with the inbuilt sounds should you wish to do so.

For more information please see the feature overview


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